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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Fairy Lilies and Money Wort

I worked in the garden this afternoon and evening. One of the tasks I completed was to plant several pots of Fairy Lilies. This is a not-too-good picture of some I had a few years ago. From this small pot, I've saved bulbs year-to-year so that today I had enough bulbs for three good sized pots, and I put a lot in each one. The genus is Zephyranthes. These are also called Rain Lilies, but I prefer to call them Fairy Lilies. One of the great things about many plants is they reward you for growing them by multiplying and giving you more. However, this can sometimes but not so good...

Another chore I completed was to attack the money wort with Round Up. (See post titled "So much daylight (and progress, too!)" for more about this pestilence that I allowed into my garden). I think this is the only way I will get rid of it, because it has spread so much. I may lose a few other plants in the process, but I must get rid of this pestilence. I think it has overtaken and swallowed up some other plants, anyway. (Normally, I don't use a lot of chemicals. However, Round Up is just so effective for situations like this one. But, I never use it around my vegetable garden.)

Finally, I've started bringing more pots out of the garage and setting them around in the approximate locations where I will put them after I plant flowers in them. I have just 11 days until I begin my May Planting Vacation!

See the "My Garden Pictures" link for a few more pictures around the garden, or click here.


Anonymous said...

OK, wise gardening it safe to go ahead and start planting in the ground? Can we start planting petunias and impatients???

Carol said...

No, don't starting planting petunias and impatiens and other plants that are not frost tolerant. You will be sorry, impatient gardener! Our frost free date in zone 5 is May 10th. Even then, be wary and look at the 10 day weather forecast before you plant.

Next door neighbor said...

I want some of your Fairy Lillies!