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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sweet Peas and a New Passalong Plant

I am adding to my list of plants that easily get out of hand the perennial sweet pea, Lathyrus latifolius. I am trying to contain this plant, or shall I say plants, to just one spot in my perennial garden, but naturally, it has other ideas. I pulled quite a few seedlings of it out today, hopefully enough to keep it contained for another year. I like the flowers, so I guess it is worthwhile to spend some time "cleaning up after it" in the spring.

I also got a new passalong plant from my sister today. It's a hosta with gigantic leaves, variety unknown. I divided it into three plants. One went back into the original hole, one was transplanted to a location in their backyard by their gazebo and the other came home with me and got a place in a special planting bed where it will be the only hosta, a true focal point.

See My Garden Pictures for two of my favorite hand tools. Both were used quite extensively today!

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The sister with the homestead said...

Thanks for all that hard work!!