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Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's a garden

It's a garden.

It contains living plants that grow, sprawl, climb, spread, and flower. It's full of plants with fragrance, plants that have a special way of reflecting back the early morning sun or capturing the raindrops on the edges of their leaves.

It's a garden

Insects abound here, as do birds, squirrels, rabbits, meadow voles, toads, and chipmunks. Foxes, possums and raccoons pass through in the evenings, bound for who knows where.

It's a garden

Some plants die. Some plants get much bigger than I ever imagined they would, others never get to the full size I dreamed of. Many plants drop leaves and go dormant in the fall.

It's a garden.

Weeds sprout and grow.  They hide amongst the flowers growing unseen until they tower over everything.  Weeds creep along the edges of flower beds and colonize almost overnight.

It's a garden.

I'm a gardener.

I like to grow plants. I weed and mulch, plant and harvest.  I try to make the garden look nice and neat, especially in the front where passers-by will see it.

I'm a gardener.

Sometimes I'm ahead in the garden. I'm caught up with weeding and mulching, planting and harvesting. Those are magical moments for me and I'm sure for those who might look over the fence.

I'm a gardener.

Sometimes  I am behind in the garden because life outside of the garden keeps me from tending it as I wish to.  There are weeds and bare spots, vegetables begging to be picked, and plants in containers that should be planted in the garden. Those are times when I hope that no one looks over the fence and sees the messiness of the real garden rather than the garden I see in my mind.

I'm a gardener.

I wish I could garden without people getting out their measuring stick and measuring my garden on their scale, whether it be from a list of neighborhood covenants, the pages of a slicked up magazine, or their own notions of what a garden ought to be.

I'm a gardener.

You'll find no perfection here. You'll find something hopefully much better than that...

You'll find a garden.


Katie B said...


Beth said...

Well said! I'm cross stitching a piece that says "In My Garden I Do Best" and that's how I feel about gardening! It's more for me than the plants - a necessary as breathing! said...

A garden - like a home - needs not fit into the glossy magazine mould; it should fit the person who created it and lives with it. And sometimes it's not quite picture-perfect, and at other times it's not too bad.

I try really hard to only garden for two people; myself and my husband. If we're happy with the garden, then it is perfect. In a sense.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Isn't that the truth. You have a lovely garden too. I've seen it. Garden on my friend.~~Dee

Karen said...

A real garden is a little messy, and a litte wild, full of plants you love, enjoy yours.

Deanne Fortnam said...

A garden is a reflection of the spririt and imagination of its gardener. Love this post

Kathy said...

Amen, sister!

Sara Lisa said...

So special and am also a gardener!! green living

Heidi/ IN Woodland Gardener said...

Love this blog and the comments. With my gardens winding down and beginning to go dormant, I'm feeling a bit sad and blue. Your post encouraged me. Thanks!

CommonWeeder said...

I could not agree more. A garden is just what it needs to be to give me pleasure.

Helen Malandrakis said...


Karin / Southern Meadows said...

I love this post! Great sentiment! It is something I often need reminding of.

Lost Roses said...

So true, Carol. My "bestie" gardening friend designs her garden to the nth degree. No plant goes in the ground unless it has been planned for and integrated into the overall scheme. I'm more of a casual gardener than that (to say the least.) I admire her garden but LOVE my own, with it's slapdash air and sprawling beauty, to my eyes anyway. Garden on!