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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Silence! Don't disturb the gardener...

Silence.  Do not disturb the gardener.

She's disturbed enough.


She's actually quite happy. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the dew is heavy and all about the garden flowers are starting to bloom again, now that rain has returned.

Nearly five inches of rain returned Friday night.

Oh, rain. How we missed you. We never knew how much we loved you, needed you, depended on you.  We will never, ever curse you, disparage you, despise you or sigh when you ruin our plans.  We promise.

Look what you have brought with you, now that you are back. Flowers, freshness, frolicking birds, squirrels, and rabbits.

You've brought together unlikely pairings, too.

Like summer blooming coneflowers with clematis, in particular Clematis integrefolia 'Alba' which I feel certain normally blooms in May. 
It's like spring all over again. Sort of. But without tulips and daffodils.

There is a freshness in the air, a green-ness in the lawn, a song in the birds, and a quickened heartbeat in the heart of the gardener, who has returned to the garden with a spring in her step, now that she is no longer weighed down by garden hoses.

She would surely be confused if you just dropped her in the garden today with no calendar. 

Then she would see the asters...
and the tall sedum...
And realize it is a glorious September morning.

(Washed out pictures are sponsored by the brightly shining sun.)


Cindy, MCOK said...

I'm happy for the gardener! I look forward to such days for the Head Gardener here at Wit's End.

Layanee said...

Water does equal life. Enjoy the flowers. Your patience has been rewarded.

Karen said...

I am so glad that you have had rain, makes all the difference, a spring in your step a lightness of heart. Have a nice day.

Rohrerbot said... had me a Sedum! Always a sign that fall is just around the corner:)

Melissa Evenson said...

Beautiful post. I'm glad you have a "second spring" to enjoy. FL has had it's share of rain so I'm glad other parts are getting some!

Heidi/IN Woodland Gardener said...

lovely, just lovely. I had 7 blooms on my Moonflower vine Sat. night/Sun. morning!!! Yes, the plants MUCH prefer rain to hose water!

Deanne Fortnam said...

Septbember days are glorious and after a good rain the gardens are glorious as well

Anonymous said...

Had a little of that this morning. Amazing what a bit of rain will do.