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Saturday, August 02, 2014

A few entries from the Secret Diary of a Garden Fairy

Once again, let us open up the diary of a certain garden fairy and see what she has been up to these past few days. When we are done, we'll carefully put the diary back where we found it and she will never know we read it.

Oh pee-shaw, don't be a spoil sport.

She really wants us to read it. I know because she leaves her diary out in plain sight. If she didn't want us to read it she would put a little garden fairy diary lock on it and hide it someplace other than "in plain sight".

Let's read a few entries...

Dear Secret Diary of a Garden Fairy,

I do love these cool summer days.  I don't know what we did to deserve them, but we certainly are enjoying them.  We are actually enjoying them so much I've barely had time to write in my diary.  Oh, and we have lots of tomatoes to pick because Carol has been lax about picking them. We haven't seen her for several days. Oh, wait. We did see her a day or so ago, but she was mowing.  We garden fairies scatter when we see her come charging through the gate with her mower.

Violet Greenpea MayDreams

Dear Secret Diary of a Garden Fairy,

I just saw where Carol wrote an article for another website about a game gardeners can play when they drive around. Is that considered cheating on your own blog, to post content elsewhere?  We garden fairies don't know but we do think it looks like a fun game.  We will have to figure out how to get in on one of those car rides.

Violet Greenpea MayDreams

Dear Secret Diary of a Garden Fairy,

The Surprise Lilies are blooming. Carol surprised us by transplanting a bunch of them along the path she calls Ridgewood Avenue. We like that.  We are going to show our appreciation in a big way very soon by...

Okay. That's enough snooping through the Secret Diary of a Garden Fairy.  I think we should close it now. We don't want to reveal all their secrets or spoil whatever lovely surprise they have planned for me because I transplanted those Surprise Lilies earlier this spring.
Surprise Lily, Lycoris squamigera
Really, I'm not reading another diary entry. Go read about the car game for gardeners


Helen Malandrakis said...

My Surprise lilies are blooming, too

Dee Nash said...

I would run when I saw you with the mower too, especially if I was a tiny garden fairy. My surprise lilies are nearly done, but I've really enjoyed them this year. ~~Dee