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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Seed Heads: A One Act Play

Seed Heads
A One Act Play
Carol M.

Cast of Characters

Seeds…………………………......Several seeds on a coneflower
Bird………………………………A little finch

TIME: Late Fall
SETTING: A garden


(We see a stand of coneflower seed heads in the garden)


Hey everyone. How's it going? Everyone hanging on okay? Geez, it is getting cold at night, isn't it? I'm sure glad we haven't been cut back and thrown onto the compost pile. I hate spending the winter rotting.

(Light fades and the scene switches to a bird's eye view)


(Seed heads are quietly chattering in the background.)


I'm hungry. Is there anything to eat in this garden? Oh, look seeds. I do love some seeds in the winter time.

(The birds swoops down and sits on top of the seed head, and begins to eat the seeds.)


(The lights are dim and we hear a seed off in the distance.)


Hey, where am I? Where's the garden? It's dark in here. And there isn't a bunch of room. Hold on, something's happening. I'm falling. Oh, yuck, what is this around me?

(A bird sitting on a branch takes off, leaving a dropping of bird doo on the ground.)


(The lights come back up and we see the seed lying in the bird doo.)


Where am I? What happened? What is all this around me? Oh my. It's food for me to grow in, isn't it? I know what I'm supposed to do now. I'm supposed to germinate. I'm going to be a whole new plant. In my own space. Oh, I am so ready for this. I am. First, let me grow a little root, then a shoot. Pretty soon, I'll have leaves and flowers. Then more seeds. That bird eating me was the best thing that every happened to me.

(Light gradually fades as another bird flies by, leaving a dropping with another seed in it.)


1 comment:

GrannyRockStar said...

Love it! I'm sharing it with my teacher friends. Kids will enjoy the part about the bird poop.