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Carol Michel has a degree in Horticulture Production from Purdue University and is an avid gardener. In addition to writing for her own blog, Carol  has also contributed to Horticulture and regularly writes for Indiana Gardening.  For several seasons she also had a gardening column called Indy Garden Sense in The Southside Times weekly newspaper. 

Her hoe collection is real as is her passion for plants and her ability to relate almost everything in life to gardening.  She is available to present to groups on topics ranging from vegetable gardening to the wisdom found in old gardening books.

You can contact Carol via email at Indygardener at


Kalantikan said...

I wonder why I am the only commenter here. I came here after the fun post of Carol Fairy Vine. I envy your writing job because i am a horticulturist too, but after a few years in laboratory research i just happened to be transformed to IPR. I really love what you do.

floraseasons (Melissa) said...

Now there are 2 comments! Your blog is one of my favorites, I like how you can tie in books, you have many guest posts and the best, the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. As soon as I can get some current garden pics, I will be posting my link to your Bloom Day posts. Could I add my July post to your July Bloom Day post? By the way, I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. Check out my post at

Patrick's Garden said...

I had to check out the hoe report as well but ran out of images to find a space to comment. There probably isn't one due to those of bad taste and due to poor breeding and their utterances. My momma raised a gentle gardener. But I am duly impressed and I'm suffering a bipolar heartache (there really is one, for me at least) because I kept looking for the garden weasel. Must ask; is there one?

The Enduring Gardener said...

A thoroughly enjoyable and well written site Carol. I'll be sure to be back. Meanwhile I'll keep my eye out for a garden hoe that is unlike any of yours. That said it looks like you've got most of your bases covered here.