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Garden Clubs & Societies

I don't belong to any real garden clubs or societies, but that doesn't stop me from coming up with a few that I'd like to belong to, including...

Society for the Preservation and Propagation of Old-Time Gardening Wisdom, Lore, and Superstition (SPPOTGWLS or “the Society”) - Members of the society are interested in the old ways of gardening and in preserving them for future generations. 

Green Bandana Garden Club - Not quite a society, this is just an ordinary garden club. Members know they are invited to join when they see a green bandana in their garden.  Henceforth, they generally can be found carrying green bandanas with them wherever they go.

Society of Gardeners Aged 50 and Over (SGAFO) - An invitation to join the Society of Gardeners Aged 50 and Over is perhaps the most coveted in all of the garden blogging community.   We are always on the look out for new members. I myself am a recent inductee.

Vicar Ellacombe Garden Literary Society - If ever there was someone to name a garden book, excuse me, literary society after, it is Vicar Ellacombe, also known as Canon Ellacombe.  He wrote, "I suppose no one who loves his garden is entirely without books on his favourite subject; and, indeed, I have always found that a lover of gardens and flowers is also more or less a lover and reader of books."

Garden Bloggers' Book Club - Now defunct, I started this club in 2007 or so and actually encouraged people to virtually join by reading the selected book of the month and posting about it on their blog.  I would rather belong now to the Vicar Ellacombe Garden Literary Society.

A group of garden fairies is called a bouquet.  Used in a sentence... A bouquet of garden fairies gathered around the roses to weather the storm.


chawa said...

i wanted to post a comment regarding the book contest "20-30 SOMETHING by Dee Nash -- and was trying to follow the bloggers to add to my FB page as well as enter threw them all for the other prizes i am looking forward to reading your blog and thanks for the opportunity--- i have heard about the dewitt tools form some the bloggers and there awesome from what ive learned THANK YOU

chawa said...

im sorry i didnt mention i added you to my face book page ( cheryl frances sigler ) and my google name ia (chawa) i mentioned i was following the bloggers for the book Dee Nash wrote THE 20-30 SOMETHING" and wanted to clarify the names so you would know there both me -- and i have never ordered seds before and forgot to mention this also would be a great opportunity as well as the dewitt tools