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Who's Who in My Gardening World

Who's who at May Dreams Gardens...

Violet Greenpea Maydreams, chief scribe for the garden fairies at May Dreams Gardens. She was originally known as Thorn Goblinfly but decided to change her name to something more meaningful.

Hortense Hoelove, the advice columnist for gardeners in all predicaments.

Dr. V. Q. Hortfreud, my psychoanalyst, really a psychoanalyst for all gardeners, but I am her only patient. She prefers the term "gardenalyst", by the way.

Dr. Hortenstein, a scientist and experimenter when it comes to the garden.

The McGarden family, more garden fairies who live down in the vegetable garden, Family members include Granny Gus McGarden and her son, the right reverend Hortus Augustus McGarden.

The Old Woman at the Door, who mysteriously comes and goes and gives me advice.

Gloriosa Vanderhort, my stylist who is helping me expand the palette of green I use to decorate my life.

Miss Jane Hortaway, my assistant and secretary. Jane calls me "chief" and enjoys bird-watching.

Deema Mae Flowerweb, a wee garden fairy who is able to grant wishes and help make dreams come tree, as long as they relate to gardening.  She and other wee garden fairies often hide in old watering cans, waiting to be found.

F. Lee Hortley, general garden counsel. The F stands for Fothergilla, he is joined by Fairy Hortson, who watched a lot of Perry Mason back in the day.

The Great Hortini, a magician and fortune teller.  She performs magic in the garden and looks into the leaves and mulch to tell us what our futures hold.

Hortoise, another columnist like Hortense Hoelove, she focuses on the practical side of gardening, offering hints and tips.

Lois Hortlane, a journalist extraordinaire, loves to get the scoop and report the facts in and out of the garden.

HortGardenhouse, auditors who are responsible for auditing and verifying anything that needs auditing and verifying. I believe it is a bunch of garden fairies.

Hortcule Poirot and Hortlock Holmes, detectives who are called upon from time to time to solve various mysteries in and out of the garden.

Hortocrates, a philospher in the garden, her name rhymes with Socrates - Hort-a-cra-tease.  She likes to argue philosophy with another garden philosopher, Horto.

Ms. Hortefeller, is the one who goes to the garden center and over spends.  Then Ms. Hortwad takes control and figures out how to economize in other areas outside of the garden.

Professor Hortledore, a gardening teacher, she often draws inspiration from old gardening books and tries to each the relevance of them today to a rather rowdy classroom full of gardeners.

Fairytologist, a person who studies the ways of the garden fairies, fairytology.

Gardenangelist, a person who shares their love of gardening with others and tries to get them to love, or at least like, gardening, too.  I consider myself to be a gardenangelist.

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