Catch Up, Restart

I've just resurrected this blog. Based on when I last posted, it seems I have a lot of catch up to do to provide information. Let's just fast forward. Spring came, then summer, then fall, then winter, then spring, then summer. Now summer is over. We had a good summer, rain when we needed it and no days over 90 degrees. But, the last few weeks have been dry and the grass has gone dormant. The perennials are drying up, too. It would be a very dusty job to try to attempt any garden clean up now. I'll just have to wait for some rain. In the meantime, I do intend to take some cuttings from the ivy hanging from the baskets on the front porch. It did quite well this summer, so I'll have to try that again next year. I already have cuttings from my sister's garden, including some Swedish ivy and coleus, sitting in a vase, ready to be rooted. I also plan to bring in my black elephant ear this year; it doesn't create the same kind of bulb as the 'regular' elephant ears, so that's the only way I can think to keep it through the winter. I just hope I don't unleash some six-legged critters in my house. I don't need that. Inside, I've moved my terrarium over by a north window, but haven't yet put any plants in it. I was going to get some plants at Frank's but never saw any I liked or thought would stay small enough. By the way, Frank's is going out of business and have started their 'sell it all to the walls' sale. I stopped by yesterday but was not impressed. They had items "red tagged" with clearance prices, which appeared to be the same as the regular price. They'll have to do better than that. It was not too busy, either, so I think others are waiting, like I am, for them to get a bit more aggressive with their pricing. I will miss them in January when it is time to buy seeds, since they always had them for half-price!

Due to the dry weather, I was able to skip mowing the lawn this week. Darn shame, too, since I have a new mower that I have only used once so far. I was looking forward to doing it, but there is nothing to mow right now (except some grass around one tree that I did water last week, but it will just have to wait.

(I'm a novice at blogging... just figured out how to add pictures. Cool!)

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  1. May I have the honor of posting the first comment here?

    Mary - the wannabe Gardener in NC


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