Work Day Not a Garden Day

Well, since this is a work day and I unfortunately don't "work" in the garden, there isn't too much to report from the garden. Another beautiful, clear fall day. We could use some rain! The next chance appears to be at the end of the week, and then it is a slim chance, unless something changes.

I do like to start the day by watching A Gardener's Journal (or is it Diary) with Eric Glasner which is on when I am generally eating breakfast and reading the paper. It starts the day out with that 'continuous partial attention' that we've all become used to. Reading the paper, watching/listening to TV, while at the same time fixing breakfast and thinking about what I have to do at work that day.

I do have several unfinished projects in the garden. And, I'm not talking about the seasonal maintenance required this time of year, that's a given. I have gourds in the garage that have been drying for almost a year that are plenty dry now and ready to be turned into birdhouses, dippers, or whatever. I have a small Japanese maple in a pot that I want to dig a little bed for and get it planted before the snow flies. I need to find plants for my terrarium and get it planted up. I purchased hardware cloth that I plan to cut into strips and staple to the bottom of the privacy fence and pin to the ground to try to keep the rabbits out. That's enough for now!