Indoor Gardening

Okay, some evenings, it's easy to come home, eat, and then sit and watch TV and surf the 'net without any real direction or purpose. In between surfing and TV viewing, I might check work email to see if I can douse a fire or two or get a step or two ahead by sending some replies. I know some of my co-workers are doing the same thing, because I get replies from them within a matter of minutes. Not a good way to spend an evening.

So tonight, after eating, putting out the weekly trash, watching some TV and surfing on the net and checking in on work email, I got off the couch and tended to the indoor plants. I'll admit I didnt' spend as much time as I should have, especially watering the orchids, but every plant did get some water and a quick look over for obvious issues. I also cut off some old blooms on a few orchids and the new African violets and made sure the mealy bug infestation was in check and at least still confined to the one plant. I actually think it is getter better, overall, and I don't see any mealy bugs at the moment.

I am also pleased to report that several of the hyacinths that I am forcing in vases are starting to bloom. However, they aren't getting very tall, so the blooms seem a little scrunched up. But, they do smell nice and I have enough of them that I should soon have a room full of scent to enjoy.

Isn't this the way everyone lives? Coming home with all kinds of plans on what you are going to do, only to sit down and not get too much, if any, of it done!