I'm all set with seeds! That's right, I've been to Menards twice and purchased Burpee seeds there at 30% off. I got the "standard" stuff, like green beans, zucchini, radishes, etc.. "Standard stuff" meaning those vegetables where the tried and true varieties will do just nicely, thank you very much. Then, this evening I placed an order with Park Seeds to fill in the gaps and get those seeds (and a few plants) that I'm not likely to find in the garden center. Gotta have the "Sugary" tomatoes again, for example. I also ordered some yellow and orange sweet peppers (I was going to type "green peppers", but that didn't make much sense).

While I was ordering the seeds, I also added in a few plants, including a couple of different dwarf cannas which I plan to put into pots. One variety was "Lucifer", which did give me pause because of the name. Why did they choose that name? Was it because of the attributes of the plant, or the red color of the flowers, or what? I've had a few plants that I think might be "of the devil" because of how they behaved, either wildly self-sowing all over the place, or spreading via agressive underground runners (why do I plant mint?!) Anyway, I decided to take a chance on "Lucifer" because it did look nice in the picture.

I'm also going to try some fruit. I ordered some new strawberry plants because the ones I had before were apparently not a good variety, and I should have known that when I purchased them. So, last fall I ripped them all out and these will be the replacement. I also decided to try some blueberries! I have a 4 x 6 raised bed right at the entrance to the raised bed vegetable garden area, and I decided that would be a good place to put these blueberries, which are supposed to be a dwarf variety, suitable for higher pH soils. Plus, being in this raised bed, I can doctor up the soil to lower the pH a bit.

Finally, I added one Meyer Lemon tree to my order. This variety is supposed to grow well in a pot, and will survive being brought inside in the fall/winter, and then back out in the spring/summer. I plan to keep it in my den in the winter time, since there is a good southern exposure in that room, and more importantly, I think there would be room for a small tree in there.

Next, I need to list all the seeds in a spreadsheet, decide which ones I'm starting inside, how many I'm starting inside, and which ones I am starting outside. And if there are still some gaps, I'll order more!