Winter Where Art Though?

We are having a warm winter. I don't know if it is unusual, but we are on pace to have the 3rd warmest January since they started to keep records. I don't like this. I want it to be cold, I want some snow, I want some freezing and thawing. I think all of that is good for a garden (except maybe the freezing and thawing which can uproot some plants). But the rest helps the garden rest and recuperate and prepare itself for spring. Yes, I'm in zone 5. Yes, I know there are people in zones 6 and higher who don't get the cold we usually get and they survive and do just fine with their gardens and actually probably have better gardens than I do. But I am not used to this. And it is not like it is a permanent weather change, such that I can now suddenly go out and get lemon and orange trees for the back yard.

Or is it?

Naw, it isn't permanent, just one of those cycles. I know we'll get snow eventually (probably at Easter in mid-April). We had snow in December, and we had very cold temperatures. I know we will have more before we put this winter in the record books.