Garden rest and planning

Early February... hard to believe that we are still (or just) two months or more away from the first mowing of the season. Two months more to plan, to get the lawn mower serviced, to figure out how to make this upcoming growing season 'the best ever'. That's the best thing about gardening in a zone where there is clearly a winter, a dormant time, a time for rest. You get a fresh start every spring. It's like a new sheet of paper, a blank slate.

I'm already thinking about "finally" putting in a new shrub border along the east side of my back yard. Right now, the grass just runs up to the fence and it is blah, blah, blah. There are a few trees on that side, so I want to make the border wide enough to incorporate the trees into it. I also want to have some space to plant some more perennials, using the shrubs and trees as back drop. I'm considering if I want to use my own tiller to work this all up, or splurge on a landscaper to at least do the "heavy lifting".

I also know that I want to include a red horsechestnut tree in this new area. I think they are unusual, and have a nice flower color that you don't see a lot in the spring. I'm always ready to plant something different!