Gardening Books

I'll confess that in addition to buying lots of seeds and plants and gardening tools, I also have a habit of buying books on gardening. Some of the books I really enjoy and refer back to on several occasions. Others I look through once and never seem to touch again.

I should be more disciplined and check out the library first before I click my way through Amazon and buy a book. I have on occasion stopped myself from purchasing a book and waited a few days to make sure I really wanted it, but not always! At least now I am checking for good used (or even new) copies from resellers. That saves me some money! For some books that I read about and then decide I want, this is the only way I can get them, since they are out of print. Such is the case for a new book, "On Gardening" by Helen Dillon.

I heard Helen Dillon speak at the symposium earlier in February, and decided I should have her book. However it was out of print or only available from Amazon UK . Luckily one of the secondary sellers had it, so I got it. It just arrived today and I can't wait to dig in and start reading it. I think I will enjoy it more because I've heard the author speak, so as I read it, I'll hear her voice (which is a nice Irish accent). (Hearing the author speak and thus knowing what their voice sounds like can also backfire. I once had a management book that I liked, but then I heard the author speak and I could read it no more. All I heard was this "good ol' boy" talking in my head!)