Getting Ready for Spring

I took the lawn mower to the hardware store this evening after work so they could service it and have it back to me in time for the 1st spring mowing. It's probably still 6 - 8 weeks before I need to mow, but I wanted to get my mower in ahead of the spring rush and make sure I get it back in plenty of time. I also need to find a new weed trimmer. For some reason, I can't find one I like!

Procrastination, by the way, is not wise in gardening. For instance, I've not yet sown the viola seeds, and I fear it is too late to get some sizable plants before the stores start to have them. At this point, I may just wait and buy plants. You can lose a whole season through procrastination.

However, I need to think seriously about starting peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes this coming weekend (or may be next weekend?)!