Thinking about gardening

The weather is still a bit odd. We essentially had just on and off dustings of snow over the weekend. But 10 miles further south, they got 5 inches and there was a big white out on the interstate that was blamed for a 20 car pile up on Saturday. And, on the east coast, they've been hammered by a record-setting blizzard.

But, it's not too soon to think about gardening. I need to get on with a few 'tasks'. I am once again going to attempt to start some violas indoors. I've tried in the past, and my timing has never been right. I end up with very small plants when the garden centers get their first flats in, and I always end up buying some and abandoning my babies. This year it will be different (because isn't every year different when it comes to gardening?) I think I'll start the violas in a few days. Hopefully, then, by late March, I'll have some nice little plants to put in pots on the front porch.

I also need to create a spreadsheet listing all the seeds I've purchased so far so I can make sure I have everything I want (need!) and have a good idea of when I need to start some seeds, and how many seedlings I want to end up with come spring. I've also used a spreadsheet to plot out the vegetable garden, and that has worked well.

Finally, I feel a need to use these last remaining weeks of winter to get caught up reading the many magazines I get on gardening.