Advice and Comments

Some thanks for comments and suggestions I've received...

To San-Tee for suggesting I also try Crimson Giant radishes... I picked up some seeds at Walmart this morning. They will be a nice complement to Cherry Belle radishes.

To Kathy for telling me how she got rid of her ivy... actually, she didn't get rid of it. The voles (meadow mice) did. They burrowed underground and cut off the roots. The first time I saw a little meadow mice running through a garden bed, I thought "how cute". Just like a little character from a Beatrix Potter story. Little did I know. I'll keep to my own methods.

To Sherry, yes, you can have all the ivy you want. Even though I pulled out a lot yesterday, there is still a lot left. Be ready next Saturday.

To Jill, yes, I should have known the ivy would become a problem. It isn't the first invasive plant I've succumbed to and I'm sure it won't be the last. (Can you say "tansy"?!)

To Everyone, keep (start!) sending me ideas, advice, and suggestions! Click on comments and send away!


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  2. I am enjoying your blog. Well done. Say, when you, or kids are out hunting morels, don't forget your friends/lol. It won't be long till they will bepoppin'mushrooms, that is. !!!

  3. Tansy. Oh, yeah.
    I've still got some, but it's in a pot all by itself.


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