Pansies and Violas, Part II

The pansies and violas were on sale, half price, so I got two more flats for a total of four flats (two of violas, two of pansies). I planted up a big pot of pansies and two smaller pots of violas to put on the front porch, and filled the window box with a combo of both. I also "bedded out" some here and there in the front for spots of color and planted up a few smaller pots to see how long they would last inside. I guess they are as cheap as cut flowers, and once the initial bloom is done, I can set them outside to get more sun. I also trimmed and tidied up the plants in the front and put out a couple of garden ornaments. It is nice to have some color by the front door for a change.

All in all, a good start, but I still have a lot of clean up to do. I did notice walking around that the ground is absolutely saturated, squishy wet, and more rain to come! I also could not believe the temperature. I wore just a t-shirt, and was actually a bit warm. And, yes, I wore sunscreen. Even in the spring, you can get a sun-burn.

Now it is time to turn my attention inside. With just 8 weeks until the frost free date (May 10th or so), it is time time plant tomato and pepper seeds. No time for rest, let the gardening begin!