Pansies and Violas, Part III

I'm sure everyone is just sick with worry about all those pansies and violas that I planted a few weeks ago. Let me assure all that they came through the snow storm in good shape and are doing well, considering the weather these past few days. Pansies can withstand some pretty cold temperatures.

There are plant breeding programs to produce new varieties of pansies that can withstand cold temperatures. Many of these are sold in the fall with trade names like "Icicle Pansies". They claim that if you plant them in the fall with enough time for them to establish themselves, they will overwinter and bloom again in the spring. I've not really tried them. Why not? Because the fall colors are not what I want in the spring.

For fall, I prefer the dark purples, maroons, golden yellows, and oranges. For spring I want white, light purple, and light yellow.

So to resolve my color conflict, I'll stick with spring pansies!