Pansies and Violas!

I spotted pansies and violas for sale yesterday. I hurried out this morning and bought a flat of pansies and a flat of violas at Meijers. The primary difference between violas and pansies is that the violas are smaller flowers, more like violets. Both can survive cold and light frost.

I will plant some in my front window box, and the rest in pots to put on the front porch. While I am at it, I'll clean up of a some perennials in front that need to be trimmed back to the ground (as long as the weather holds today and we don't get more rain).

We've had a mild winter, so I am hoping for an equally mild spring, and I'm not afraid to plant pansies and violas now. I can always move the pots into the garage if it is going to get really cold!

I can't wait to get my hands into the dirt!


sherry said…
So.... is it true that to get out on a bright sunny day like today to clean up what you didn't get cleaned up last fall, will cause more harm than good because of all the rain the last couple of days, and the rain forcast for the next couple of days? That you will trample down too much dirt and hurt the ground more than anything?