Spring S-no-w!

Yes, spring snow! And there isn't really anything you can do to protect early spring flowers from it.

Cover them? The snow, if we get as much as predicted, will provide some cover and act as an insulator and provide as much protection as a sheet or blanket. Plus, I think the weight of heavy, wet snow on top of a blanket will crush the poor daffodils and other bulbs that are coming up.

Cut them? If you have early daffodils that are starting to show the bloom color in the bud, you could cut them and put them in a vase inside. They should open up in a day or two.

Leave them alone? That's my advice. I think we'll still have some blooms and trees will leave out and spring will eventually be here for good once the snow melts.

I moved my pots of pansies and violas up by the house, but otherwise I am just going to take my chances and see what happens. We should be back in the 40's within 24 hours to 36 hours from the start of the snowfall, from what I can tell. I'm not even planning to shovel my drive, as it should all melt pretty quickly.

Good luck to all!