Two trees I'm going to get.

I am planning to get two new trees for my yard this spring. I don't know where I'll get them from or where I will put them once I get them, but I must have them.

One of the trees is a Red Buckeye (Aesculus pavia).

The other tree that I want to get is a Carolina silverbell (Halesia carolina).

Do a quick search on the web for these trees and you will see why I must have them

I'm not keen on mail order, so I'll look at local nurseries to see if I can find any good specimens. Should be a fun hunt.


Sandra said…
The trees sound interesting, if you can find room for them in your yard.
> What about the four new perennials in Saturday's Star. Are you getting
> them? I am assuming you saw the article I was not too impressed with any
> of them.