About the Hoe Pictures

So, one of my sisters looked at the pictures of all the hoes (see link "My Garden Pictures") and asked "why does one gardener need all those hoes and what are they for and why did you pose them for pictures"?

All good questions.

Why does on gardener need all these hoes? I'm not sure I can show "need" for each and every one of the hoes, but can any of us really show need for all that we possess? For some reason, when I see a hoe that is different than any I have already, I want to get it to add to what some would now call a hoe collection.

What are they for? They are all essentially for the same thing, to break up the ground and cut out weeds. But each one works in a slightly different way. It's like a wood worker, who has many different saws. Each one cuts wood, but in a slightly different way and the wood worker knows about the differences. But, to a non-woodworker, the cuts probably all seem the same. Well, that is sort of how it is with each of these hoes, they each work in a slightly different way and yes, one hoe might do most of the job, but hey, it's fun to have all these different types.

Why did you pose them for pictures? For fun! Actually, we have some very intense days at work in late May when we have to develop the budget for the next year. It's sort of like trying to pour a gallon of milk into a pint jar without spilling any. An impossible task. Some of my co-workers had heard that I owned a lot of hoes, but couldn't quite understand why, because they were really only familiar with the basic hoe that you see in discount stores. So, last year I took pictures of my hoes and made a little PowerPoint show of them, both to break the tension on a budget work day and to educate them on all the hoes. They were certainly enlightened on the fascinating world of garden hoes. They also gave me some good ideas on more hoe pictures to take, some of which I will post later on.

So, that's the story of the hoe pictures. Aren't you glad someone asked?!


  1. Soo....how many hoes do you have? (or is this a secret?)

  2. I have 10 hoes, they are all pictured online.


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