Garden Blogs as reported by CNN

A co-worker, who knows I have a garden blog, but doesn't know the url for it, said he thought of me when he read a story on yesterday about garden blogs.

He doesn't know the url for my blog because I've given it out very sparingly at work. Do I really want people from work to know that much about my gardening life? Not that it is a secret, or anything like that. It could hardly be a secret that I garden.

We hired a temporary tech writer at work last fall and he was in my office not more than 5 minutes when he asked "how is your garden?". I thought for sure someone had told him "be sure and ask about her garden" to get on my good side. Nope, he said he figured it out from my office decor. Surprisingly to some, I have no plants in my office. It is an interior office, and the poor plants would be in the dark all weekend, so I've never brought any in. I have some garden related knick knacks on my desk, but honestly that's about it. Yes, the calendar on the wall is garden-related and there is a little cross stitch picture on the wall that says "I'd rather be gardening". Oh, and occasionally in the summer, I bring in a bouquet of flowers from my garden... daisies or zinnias or whatever is blooming at the time I think about cutting some flowers for my office. Really, not too much gardening related decor!

Anyway, apparently I'm not the only one who has a blog about her garden. I'll have to check out these other blogs to see what the buzz is about!

(Only 27 days until "Gardening Vacation 2006" starts. )


  1. Ann says you could take the plants to her desk on the weekend - she wouldn't be there to kill them.

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