Orange Flowers & the Internet

A colleague at work said his wife was working on a garden with all orange flowers. To figure out what to plant, he looked at a book of perennials and tried to find the orange flowering plants that were hardy in zone 5 and were not noted to be aggressive or spreading. I did a quick Internet search on "Orange Flowers" and within a few seconds came up with a good article on orange flowering plants in the magazine Garden Gate and shared that link with him

Garden Gate is one of my favorite magazines. They have no advertising and the articles are generally useful. The article I found is at this link, Orange Flowers, in case anyone else is interested in planting a monochromatic orange garden.

I think the Internet has really changed how people garden (amongst other things). There are so many seed and plant sources that are now just a few keystrokes away that before were either unknown or only regionally known. On the Internet I can find nearly anything I want, which could be dangerous, as I have no fear of ordering live plants to be delivered in a box right to my front door (or handmade stainless steel gardening tools from the Netherlands).

Miscellaneous Notes:

My crabapple tree and fothergilla shrubs are both starting to bloom, which is right on schedule.

The grass is really taking off. I mowed the grass on Thursday, and could have mowed again yesterday, but waited until this evening. With daylight savings time, I was able to eat dinner, and then mow and still have plenty of daylight left over.

My new lemon tree had a few blossoms open up in the last day or so. The fragrance is sweet and almost overpowering, but nice!

The procrastination season of gardening is over. I need to get busy on weeding and the last of the perennial clean up. Yesterday when everyone was over for Easter, I offered that they could each weed a small section and we'd have the whole place taken care of "in no time at all". No takers this year. We'll see about next year!