Rain, Rain

I didn't get anything done today in the garden because of all the rain we got. But, I'd prefer to get the rain now and not when I am on vacation. If it is going to rain while I am off work to garden, I'd prefer the rain fall between 10:00 PM and 3:00 AM, very softly, so that by the time I am ready to get started for the day, everything will have dried off enough for me to get some work done!

I also didn't get anything done inside because of all the rain we got. Well, at least I chose to blame it on the rain!

I've only had one gardening vacation be an almost complete washout. I think it was about 11 years ago, maybe 1995? I'm not sure how many years I've been taking off the first part of May to garden, but I'm going to guess I've done it since at least 1994, which would make this my 12th annual gardening vacation.

Check out the My Garden Pictures for a shrub flowering now in my yard that doesn't have white flowers!

4 Days until vacation...