Recent Questions & Observations

Some recent questions and observations.

The bunny was sitting by the lilac tree when I came home this evening. So cute and picturesque to see a little tan bunny sitting amongst the tulips. Such a charming, pastoral scene! Nevertheless, I chased him around the front yard until he ran off. I'm sure he'll be back.

Someone at work asked me about transplanting tulips. I've not done this before, but I believe the best thing is to dig the bulbs right around the time the foliage has yellowed, store them in a cool, dry place over the summer and then replant in the fall when you would normally plant bulbs. I suppose if you don't have a cool, dry place to store bulbs over the summer, which I admit you might not have in Indiana, you might try to immediately re-plant the bulbs in their new location after you dig them up.

I thought my grapes might be goners, but they are starting to leave out some.

Someone asked how I keep track of all the plants I have. I tack most of the plant labels up on a bulletin board in my garage. I need to go through those labels and remove those that have not made it or have been banished (like moneywort and artemesia var. Oriental Limelight). I did try once to list all the plant species I have in a spreadsheet, but decided that was a bit too much. It's easier just to look at the bulletin board.

The snowball bush, Viburnum opulus "Sterile", is getting ready to bloom. It is just loaded with flower buds.