Something New Every Day

What I like about spring is there is something new in the garden every day. As early spring flowers like crocuses and daffodils fade, the tulips start to bloom. When the forsythia drops all its blossoms, lilacs are ready to make their big showing for the year. And, after the blooms fade on the service berry, the crabapples and redbuds take (and demand!) center stage.

And not to be out done, or so it seems, are all the weeds calling out to be pulled or else!

I've posted a few more pictures. Click the "My Garden Pictures" link on the right or click here.


  1. And, now I want to say I like your garden blog even more than your photo blog.

    Maybe I should explain a little. My sister got our family started on a sort of Round Robin family blog. Sister is retired now and she spends much time trying to entertain herself. She tells us she finds many blog sites that she enjoys reading each day. I have tried to read sone of the blogs sister has reccomended and spent a little time browsing blogsites, but until just now had not really found anything that was actually interesting.

  2. I'm one of ths Sisters and I too have tried to get interested in some other blogs but with no success! Our oldest Sister, Patsy sends us links of ones she follows but they are not interesting to me. She's a little old and silly. I can say that because I know she will read this. I have enjoyed your Blogs especially the ones of your Grandmother's journal. How you find time to Blog all of this I do not know. I have tagged your Blog to follow it daily.

  3. Speaking of weeding....there's a rose garden not too far from yours that really needs some heavy-duty weeding and clean-up! hint hint hint


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