As the Sun Sets

This is a view of the raised bed vegetable garden, with all of the white garden cloth removed so I could water everything this evening. I am delighted that so far I've been able to keep the rabbits from eating my seedlings by keeping the beds covered. I am actually allowing myself to think I might get some green beans this year. That's them in the bed in the upper left hand corner of the picture. Three lovely 8 foot rows of beans, without a single rabbit bite on them. Should be enough to share!

I plan to finish out the lettuce in the next week or so (if the heat hasn't turned it bitter) and then replant that bed with more green beans. (I'm on a roll with the beans!) I also have one bed that I've reserved for a second planting of corn, which I'll sow over the weekend. And, I need to thin out some zinnia and sunflower seedlings.

I'm pretty excited about what's going on in the vegetable garden right now!

See My Garden Pictures for one last picture of Spidewort.


Sister with the homestead said…
Your dear sweet mother LOVES home grown green beans if you're sharing!