Cool and Cloudy = Perfect

Such a perfect day for planting containers. With cool and cloudy conditions you don't have to worry about personally getting overheated and the plants have a chance to settle in to their new homes without the hot sun beating down on them. I could not have asked for a better day for finishing up the containers.

But am I finished? Not quite. I made a quick trip to the garden center this evening to get some more peat moss and vermiculite and another flat of impatiens landed in my cart, along with several double impatiens. How did that happen!? And a foliage plant, too, perfect to put in the shady spot by my front door.

By the way, I am having a hard time finding vermiculite, one of the key ingredients in my potting mix. I checked on the Internet and there has been some controversies regarding it. If you have an interest and want to find out more, go here. It's not the most exciting of topics. I found one bag of it at one store, but struck out at two other stores. I'll keep looking for it, even though I think I have enough to finish up my containers. When I find some, I'll stock up!

And thus ends my gardening vacation for 2006. I'm heading back to work tomorrow.

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