Four Day Weekend For Gardening

I'm starting my Memorial Day weekend a day early. In my mind, I have a growing list of garden ideas to get to. These range from mundane tasks like mowing the lawn and weeding the vegetable garden to medium-effort endeavors like going to get a load of mulch for the paths in the raised bed garden to full-all-out adventures like getting the tiller out and digging up a new flower bed.

We will see how much I get done! I know I'll mow the grass, and weed some, and oh, yes, go visit my aunt and take that night blooming cereus off her hands. (If you know me and would like to provide a good home for this plant, let me know!) I also hope to perhaps pick up a few heirloom plants from her while I am there. Other than that, we'll see what each day and hour brings.

The weather forecasters are predicting that the clouds will move out soon and it will be sunny and hot all weekend. That's why I am inside now, not outside working. I'm waiting to see if it is going to rain or not. It's windy and cool and sure looks like it might rain at any time. I remember my builder who would get so frustrated when subcontractors wouldn't show up at a job site because "it might rain" but it wasn't raining yet. His motto was just get going and if it rains, you can stop, but if it doesn't rain, you are that much further ahead. Following his advice, I should get out there and just get going.

I'd also like to go to a particular perennial garden/garden center on the west side sometime this weekend, but that's the same side of town where there will be a "few" extra people for the Indy 500, so I'll have to time my travels to avoid times when those extra people will be driving around.

We'll see how it all goes!

(The picture above is a close up of a spiderwort flower. For some reason, I have a keen interest in these plants this season, not sure why. I found an Internet source for a variety with a variegted leaf. Today would be a good day to order it, don't you think?!)


  1. I just bought a spiderwort flower last week. I think if you took 70 to Plainfield and then came like you were going to our house, it might not be too bad of traffic.

  2. I find Spiderworts fascinating as well, what I love is to find one that is native to here (Georgia) and photograph it!!!


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