Garden Entrance

They say you should create an entrance to the garden that draws people in so they want to enter to see what's around the corner. I've tried to do that with this entrance to the back yard.

I hope that as people come through the gate, they want to turn right and head toward the patio. I haven't done that on the other side, but plan to soon. (If we hadn't had seven days in a row with measurable rainfall I would have done it last week!)

Once in the garden, I want people to feel drawn to other sections of the yard, but not in such a way that they feel they have to run from one spot to the next to see everything. I want people to be drawn around and through the garden, so that they can walk through in a relaxed manner. I'm still working on that.

If we have a dry spell, I may still get the tiller out and create some new planting beds before summer heat sets in.


Anonymous said…
It is such a peaceful and calming feeling to enjoy a walk through the yard and garden. Especially when it is newly mowed, shrubs trimmed and beautiful spring flowers in bloom.
You should post a Spring Garden Tea sign in your front yard and then your neighbors can come see and might not be wondering what is that girl doing in her backyard all the time.