Giant Hosta

This is my new hosta. It's a passalong plant that I got from my sister. They got it in a package of 'assorted hostas' several years ago, so we don't know what variety it is. What we do know is that it has giant leaves and for that reason it now has a special place in my garden.

I dug up the original plant and divided it a few weeks ago, leaving them with two new plants and me with one. Such a deal. I still need to 'underplant' this with something or add some mulch.

However, as you can see from the droplets of water on the leaves, it is now raining, and according to the weather forecast, it will be raining for awhile now. So there is not much more I can do with this plant in the foreseeable future.

I should have cut the grass again last night or earlier today! I'm really going to have some high grass to mow if this rain keeps up as predicted. It's a good thing I mow with the lawnmower on the second to the highest setting. If the grass gets too tall, I can move the blade up to the highest (emergency) setting and probably get through the lawn. Just so you know I'm not a total garden-lawn freak, I have heard of others doing this same thing.

The good news is that before it started to rain, I planted hostas around one tree in the front and daylilies around the other tree. So, the majority of planting that I have left to do is in containers, other than the vegetable garden. I can work on the containers in the rain if I have to. For the vegetable garden, since I have the raised beds, I just need a day or so without rain and I can plant that, too.

"Rain, rain, go away, Carol wants to plant today!"


  1. Nice blog! You have a lot of interesting article and pictures.

  2. I think I have the same hosta - passed along from my mom. I'll ask her if maybe she knows its name.
    What's interesting however, is although I'm also in Zone 5 (Ottawa), my hostas aren't nearly as full as yours are yet.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my garden blog!

    Wow! That hosta came in an assorted pack? The big leaf hostas tend to be really expensive so I bet you/your sister got a great deal on it. It is a lovely hosta.

  4. Sister with the homestead wants to know why her hosta, from which this plant was taken, doesn't look NEARLY as nice!!

  5. To sister with the homestead, your plants should look this good. Give them a few days and keep watering when it isn't raining.


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