New weather record set and some gardening babble

Yesterday, we set a new weather record by having the lowest recorded high temperature for May 12th... 49 degrees. The previous record was 52 degrees. Since it didn't frost or freeze, the plants are fine, though most of them aren't exactly going to grow and thrive under these conditions.

I am sure that the garden centers aren't moving as many plants over Mother's Day weekend as they had hoped. And I'm glad I'm not in charge out at the motor speedway, trying to figure out when they will have "pole day". Yep, things could be a whole lot worse!

My new plan is to finish planting the containers tomorrow, as long as it isn't raining. I'll get an early start! Yes, that's what I'll do! And even if it is raining, I have some indoor plants that I need to tend to.

Oh, and I haven't been out to the vegetable garden for a few days, but I would guess with all this rain and cool weather, I have a good crop of lettuce, radishes, and onions ready to be harvested! Yum, time for a salad.


  1. Ok, Carol, I think I am all caught on all the days, or at least most of them. I know that the oldest definately does not have any gardening genes. Her allergies still act up if she works in the yard a lot. Laura says she has half a gene. She likes to plant things, but doesn't want the maintenance part. Becca could be encouraged to get into the parts pertaining to the culinary arts. She likes to buy plants too. Plants I remember most are Grandma's snowball bush ( I have a beautiful one because of her), her caltalpa tree (the cigar tree), and Dad's purple iris. Also Grandma's lily of the valley, which is still one of my favorites; I love the smell. Laura says she wants them when she gets married. I will try to do better at keeping current with my reading.


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