On weather and lawn mowing

Regarding the weather, someone posted a question on my blog about Grandma's diary for the April 24, 1925 entry asking if I would say it was okay for them to plant early that year, since a record high temperature of 90 degrees for Indianapolis was set on that date. Nope, 'fraid not. Check out the weather records blog entry on weather records published in March (March 21st to be exact). It's too easy to get burnt (or frosted), regardless of what happened before May 10th. For example, in 2002, we hit a high of 79 on May 8th, so of course we all assumed it was safe to plant on May 10th and later. But then on May 19th, just NINE days later, we had a record low of 31 degrees. Guess what? That's the year I had to replant (and re-purchase, ouch!) a lot of plants. So be patient, wait until May 10th, then check the 10 day forecast, just to be sure, and then decide if you should plant.

Speaking of forecasts, the weatherman said this morning that we probably wouldn't have an opportunity to mow lawns until Thursday because of all the rain. Ha! I was able to mow my grass this evening, and it wasn't too wet. Yes, I did finish up during a light sprinkle, but at least I won't have to worry about renting a bush hog to mow the grass at the end of the week. No way can I go more than a week between mowings right now! I'll sleep better tonight knowing the grass is under control, and because I got some good exercise this evening mowing the lawn.

While mowing, I observed that the variegated Bishop's goutweed that I pulled out the other day is growing back. I need to keep pulling it and wear it out. The moneywort has not come back yet, but it will, so I know I still have more work to do to get rid of that completely. Always something to do in the garden!

(Okay, I'll confess, the reason I know what happened in 2002 is not because I have a great memory but because I have a 10 year garden journal that I started in 2001. I record major happenings and activities in the garden and the high/low temperatures for the day. Some people are a bit amused that I can tell them when is the latest I've mowed the grass and when is the earliest I've mowed, at least in the past 5+ years!)


  1. You didn't answer the question -- can you mow in the rain??

  2. No, you shouldn't try to mow the lawn in the rain, unless it is a few sprinkles in the end when you are rushing to get done. The wet grass won't cut well, will clump under the mower, and in general you will have a mess on your hands. I've seen professional lawn care companies mow in the rain, but they have a schedule to keep!


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