Random Garden Notes

I might be imaging it, but already, after one day of being covered with a garden cloth, I think my strawberry plants look bigger. I do think the rabbits were eating the leaves off as they emerged. I've solved that problem! Hopefully I will finally get some green beans this year if I keep a garden cloth on the bean patch until the plants get big enough to not be bothered by a little bit of rabbit nibbling (if there is even such a thing as a "little bit" of rabbit nibbling).

I have a friend at work who confessed to not knowing exactly what she was looking for when she went out to her radish patch to get some radishes. Not seeing the radishes, she assumed her plants weren't producing them. Then someone came over, went to the patch, and came back with radishes. "Where did you get those?", she asked. "From your radish patch." It hadn't occurred to her that the radishes were the root of the plant, underground. She says she sort of knew that, having always loved radishes, but just didn't think about that when she was trying to get some from her own patch. She was thinking more along the lines of picking the radishes like she does peppers. (I'm not kidding, I can't make up stuff like this!)

My aunt asked me to come and get the night blooming cereus plant (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) that she has. Hers also came from a start from my Dad's plant, so I would guess she has had this plant for close to 25 years, and she just can't deal with it any more. I don't have a digital picture of mine but here's a link to some pictures so you can see why this is a house plant that has "special needs", mainly for space. Follow this link if you want to see my previous post about my plant. I admire my aunt for keeping this plant for so long. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it once I get it!

Our 7 day weather forecast calls for warming temperatures, which is great for the upcoming holiday weekend, and considerably lessens, I think, our chances for a late frost. It really is going to be summer soon and the official start of the season is just days away. "Summer time and the living is easy."