Smells So Good!

I wish that you could smell these Miss Kim lilacs! I think everyone should find a spot or two for these shrubs in their landscape. Right now, they are very fragrant, as are my Meyer lilacs. I am definitely happy I chose these shrubs for spots in my garden. These particular shrubs are shaded for part of the day, but that doesn't seem to affect their bloom, as you can see. (For more on lilacs, check out this earlier post.)

Speaking of bloom, check out My Garden Pictures for pictures of Spiderwort, which is just starting to bloom. It's an old fashioned perennial, so I feel certain that both of my grandmothers probably had it in their gardens. My aunt gave me a start of some several years ago (try about 20 years ago, eeegads) that she probably got from my 'city grandma' but I had to leave it behind at a previous garden. This is a perennial that self-sows some in the garden, so you can always find a plant or two to share with someone else. But, it doesn't self sow to the point that you would not want to have it.

Some other updates from the garden today...

I was able to mow the grass this afternoon! Yes, even though it rained for the better part of yesterday, most of the night, and into the morning, it is so windy that the lawn dried out enough for me to be able to cut it. Whew, now I don't have to worry about more rain and the grass getting out of control. I'm "good" until probably Monday, as far as needing to mow again. I like mowing the lawn, I just don't like the feeling that it can get out of control on you!

I saw that morel mushrooms are now being offered for $31 a pound. That seems pricey. I'll stick with my priceless memories of hunting for these as a kid (as reported in this previous post), and skip trying to re-live the memory with 'store bought' morels.

I still have containers to plant up. It looks like I will be doing that tomorrow, when temperatures will be in the 50's. That's cool!


  1. One of the ladies at my favorite greenhouse predicted a late May frost due to thunderstorms in January. Old Wives Tale?

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