Back in Business

I'm back in the lawn mowing business. The repair shop fixed my mower, after I made a phone call to them earlier today reminding them they had promised "priority service". After my call, I think it took them all of 45 minutes to fix it and call me back. How do they get that backed up that they are telling their customers it will be 4 weeks to get a mower fixed? Anyway, that is no longer my concern or problem!

I love mowing the lawn. It's good exercise in the fresh air, and when you are done, you have something to show for your sweat and toil. And, I love to get the grass cut before Saturday, so when I wake up on Saturday I can concentrate on other fun in the garden like weeding, trimming, and mulching, which I hope to be doing a lot of tomorrow.


RusticateGirl said…
The last time I mowed a yard I was on a tractor and a bee got caught in my hair, and I ran screaming into the house and had to brush it out. LOL! Our yard now is way too complicated for us to mow ourselves, so we pay a landscaper. I miss mowing sometimes though!
Annie in Austin said…
I like to mow, too, Carol, and rarely let anyone else use it. Too bad the mower is an old gasoline one, instead of a a more virtuous, fueled-by-muscles manual reel mower, like M talked about at the Zanthan Garden blog. I'm not sure I'm strong enough to handle one - maybe there's a way to try it out before switching over.