I came home late from work and started mowing my lawn at 8:00 PM. Since we now observe daylight savings time, I had plenty of daylight to get the job done. However, I was hustling because I was afraid I was going to run out of gas for the mower. So, I got a good aerobic workout in the process. (Yep, gardening is a healthy hobby!)

Thank goodness for daylight savings time, at least this evening. For those not familiar with Indiana and daylight savings time, for the past 30+ years, we did not observe daylight savings time. This meant that for half of the year we were on EST time with New York, and then for the other half of the year (summer), we were on CDT with Chicago. This meant that anyone who did business with people in Indiana was confused on what time it was, especially in the spring and in the fall. And to compound the confusion, some counties near a state line did observe daylight savings time, some eastern, some central. Confused yet? Anyway MOST of Indiana started to observe EDT this year, and now it is light out until 9:30 or so.

The good news is more time for gardening after work. The bad news is that I end up staying up too late, but still getting up at the same time to go to work! There have been a few nights when I have basically waited for the sun to set so I could go to bed. There is just something wrong with going to bed when it is still daylight outside.

Overall, I am happy to have the extra daylight at the end of the day. And, now that I've cut the lawn this evening, I will have more time on Saturday and Sunday to focus on other gardening tasks that I need to attend to, like mulching and digging new flower beds.

See My Garden Pictures for a variegated phlox that needs some attention.