I Need Anti Pesto

I thought the weekend was going to end up with the only news being that I got a new double day lily for $5 and I was happy with that, considering the weather. (I’ve pictured it above. It is 'Siloam Double'. Pretty, huh!?)

Yesterday (Saturday) was cloudy and cool and we had rain for most of the afternoon. I did make one inspection visit to the vegetable garden late in the morning and all was in good order. Corn – check, approaching a foot tall! Tomatoes – double check, nice green color. Beans – check, starting to bush out. Neighbor’s cat – well, not exactly check, as I normally don’t like to see it in my yard, but it crossed my mind that it might be helping to keep the rabbits away, so I let it go without stamping my feet at it and telling it to scat.

Today (Sunday), while it didn’t rain a lot, it was cool and cloudy and looked like it might rain at any moment. So, I didn’t attempt to start any gardening projects. We did have rain early in the morning and then again early this evening. After the evening showers, I decided to check out the garden to see if there still might be some lettuce. I approached the garden and went to my right toward the lettuce patch. Lettuce – check, not bolting excessively, so I harvested some. Corn – check, looking good! Then I turned around and gasp! The beans! Something had eaten all the tops off of them. Off of every single one! Something like, oh perhaps, rabbits! That darn cat did no good!

I felt like a character from the movie, Wallace & Gromit – The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. My prized beans! Eaten! By a giant rabbit, no doubt!

Okay, here is where I have to be careful. If I make too big a fuss, some non-gardening people will wonder why even try to garden, if something like this is going to happen. I won’t even begin to tackle that kind of philosophical question. I’ve got to put my brain power on the problem of how to stop these rabbits without spending a fortune on elaborate fencing. Yes, I’m going to try again. I have one last bed not yet planted, and yep, I’m going to plant it with beans, again! I will prevail!


  1. I read your Bloggs everyday and love your garden blog but always read Grandma’s Diary first. My sisters read this other blog site and I happened to look in and found this hibiscus the lady had with this huge bloom and I thought you might want to view it…here is the site. http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/5509/2182/1600/hydrang2.jpg

  2. Did you try putting soap around your beds? Soap (like dial) is an unnatural smell that animals recognize as being human. Worth a shot.

  3. I, too replanted green beans yesterday, thanks to the rabbits. I also got some white row cover that I am going to try. They are also eating my corn. A rabbit comes in Daisy's (a dog) fence area every day, but apparently Daisy is not scaring it away. Maybe the cat would, but I won't let her outside. I suppose I will have to continue buying my green beans at the store.


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