New Hoe

My New Hoe! Meet Rogue Hoe Dog!

My new hoe came today!

That's it in the picture. I've dubbed it "Rogue Hoe Dog" because the tag said Rogue Hoe D00 and to my eyes that looked like "dog". And I think this is a good one. I took it out for test spin in a pretty good patch of weeds this evening and it did a great job cutting them down.

Here it is resting proudly on the pile of weeds that it helped me chop down in just a few minutes.

I think the reason this hoe is different from some of the other hoes that I own is this hoe has a very sharp edge on the blade so you are really slicing the weeds, not trying to pull them out with the hoe. The company that makes them uses old plow disc blades, so there is also a sense of history when you use it, not to mention it feels very solid and well made. I'm not into promoting one company over another, but if you really want to know where I got "rogue hoe dog", click here or click this link to go directly to the company that makes them. Believe me, if a place sells hoes, I've probably bought one from them, so I'm not promoting this company over any other.

They do have a couple of other styles of hoes I think I will add to my wish list, especially if they are as good as this one.

I've added this new hoe to my post about my entire hoe collection, which you can get to directly from this link.

It's a great day in the garden when you get a new tool that looks like it is really going to help out!


  1. This has got to be the weirdest collection I've ever heard of!


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