Precision Cut

Notice the precision cut of these gazanias? Isn't that something? I knew I needed to dead head them a little but someone or something beat me to it.

I suspect chipmunks, but I haven't seen any actual chipmunks around. I can't imagine that rabbits jump up on the pot and eat these. Or maybe they do?

Note there is some little grassy weed coming up on the left side, and how whatever creature nibbled these down to nearly nothing left it? It appears they actually had to eat around it. A discriminating diner, it is!

I had noticed some nibbling earlier in the spring, and sprinkled the plants with cayenne pepper to keep the nibbler away. This did keep whoever or whatever away long enough for the plants to actually grow a little and flower. I think I actually just saved the plants to provide "it" with a much bigger meal later on.

Just think if we could "train" whatever did this to provide this kind of precision cut where we want it, like on the lawn, or maybe on a topiary?

Some good news from the gardens:

I saw a hummingbird close up yesterday evening. It flew up to some impatiens about three feet from me while I was quietly sitting in a chair on my patio. I didn't have my camera with me, so you'll just have to believe me. Such a pretty bird!

We've had a lot of rain in June, above our average, but not so much that I feel waterlogged. Everything is so green. In some past years, by now the grass is browning out and we are challenged to keep the pots and flowers from drying out. But not this year!

I'm going to visit a hosta and daylily nursery tomorrow!


  1. Gazania leaves must taste nice because I've caught my kitties nibbling on mine!

  2. The Precision Cutting story made me laugh. I can relate. We have deer visitors which, while they are very pretty, do a mean cleaning out of the Garden Geek Salad Bar -- hostas, sedum, succulent lilies, tall phlox about to bloom, hydrangea buds...


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