When I'm Not Looking...

I spent the evening weeding the vegetable garden and then giving it a good soaking. I am pleased to report that after more than 24 hours of being uncovered, the corn and beans are still there, and there appear to be no signs that the rabbits have found them. Or if they have found them, they aren’t eating them.

While heading out to the garden I noticed a lot of feathers under the locust tree. At least one bird has been in a fight. I don’t know if it was with a neighbor’s cat, another bird or another critter, but there are a lot of feathers strewn about, but no bird. Hopefully, that means the bird got away. Or it means the victorious cat (or critter) carried the bird away.

High drama in the garden. What else has being going on while I wasn’t looking or not at home?

I noticed a hole in some mulch under the red maple tree, where something has been burrowing. A vole? I hope not! They are “oh so cute”, but destructive. I battled them a few years ago, but didn’t lose any plants over it, that I know of. However, the voles (or maybe mice) ended up in the garage, and that was a mess to clean up. Some may not want to hear it, but having no pets or small children around, I resorted to POISON to finally get rid of them. (And it worked.)

I also noticed some “indentations” in the raised beds around the tomato plants, as though some animals had been lying around, nestling themselves into the soft ground. I don’t know why, as the tomatoes aren’t large enough to offer any shade or protection. Whatever or whoever it was, they don’t appear to have done any damage.

Yes, there must be a lot going on in and around the garden when I’m not looking. I don’t mind, as long as they don’t eat the plants!

Check out My Garden Pictures for a picture of some sundrops blooming in the garden this week and last week.