Anticipation, It's Making Me Wait

As I previously reported, although the corn was starting to tassel, I wasn't seeing any ears forming. Last night and again this morning I checked and I have found one ear forming. One ear! Hopefully, the second bed of corn, which is currently about two feet high, will provide me with at least a second ear of corn! (Actually, I hope it provides me with much more than one ear. I need to figure out what is going on with this corn!)

But all is not without hope in the garden, as you can see below, once my tomatoes (not THE tomatoes, but MY tomatoes) start to ripen, I should have a lot of them!

I am currently harvesting green beans, cucumbers and now some peppers!


  1. For corn to pollenate there has to be about 3-4 rows wide and 4-6 plants in each row (at a minunmim)and it has to be of the same variety. The pollen from the tassels fall on the silks of the young ear.

  2. Our corn here in VA is starting to get silk. I am ticked pink. We will have to compare ears of corn pictures! I loved your untidy flower beds in the above posts. Sometimes untidy looks planned. They are so pretty either way!

  3. I have a question about you corn, if i does good or not i wish you would let us know on you blog. The people in our area, north west arkansas, who usually grow garden sweet corn say their corn isn't amounting to much this year. they could have bought their seed all from the same place and probably did since our area offers few choices on such things but i have read that some people who say that they fear this genitic enginered corn that they have been growing since 2001 may ruin our corn. let me know what your crop is . a sweet corn should produce 2 to 3 ears to the stalk.

  4. I get your second ear...if there ever is one! lol I'm sure it will be better than "store" corn!

    Sounds like you might not have planted enough corn rather than too little! You might have made it worse by thinning it out..just even less corn!

  5. Update... there are now 7 or 8 ears, the question is whether they formed too late to be pollenated. Only time will tell!


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