Beans, Yes, Beans!

I picked a handful of green beans today.

You are saying to yourself at this point, "So what is the big deal that this deserves a whole blog entry?"

I agree that normally this would not be a big deal, because green beans are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. However, for the past several years, I have battled rabbits in the garden, and they have been winning. They would eat every bean plant I had down to nothing, nearly as soon as the first set of leaves appeared.

I tried several types of fencing to keep the rabbits out. I tried trapping them live. I tried blood meal and cayenne pepper. I tried cursing. I even thought briefly about just not growing any greens beans, but I knew that I could not have a good Hoosier vegetable garden without green beans. I stopped just short of buying a spray that contained “putrid egg solids and garlic”, because after all, I wasn’t trying to keep myself out of the garden, just the rabbits, and it was quite expensive. Nothing seemed to keep the rabbits away from the beans.

This year is different! I covered the beans with a white garden cloth until they got big enough to live through some rabbit munching. And, even though the rabbits ate the tops off the bean plants just a few days after I uncovered them, the bean plants survived and grew back, and flowered and now I have beans. With this simple method I and the rabbits can now co-exist, with enough beans for both of us.

Yes, I have green beans.

And, as a bonus, these beans have not been attacked by Mexican bean beetles. There is not a spot on them. They are nearly perfect! They are a triumph of me over the rabbits. I win! I win!

As soon as I picked this little handful of beans, I washed them off and ate them raw, one at a time, like a delicious gourmet candy. They were good. I savored each crunch, I chewed slowly. I enjoyed these beans.

I can now allow myself to hope for a bigger “mess of beans” to cook up soon. I am looking for a good recipe, the perfect method, to cook up my first batch of good ol' green beans. Any ideas?

By the way, this is a picture of my garden this morning. A lot has changed since I planted it in late May!


  1. They look great, and it's funny that you are the one who ate them, just like the little red hen, "Who shall eat these beans?"

    I looked at the May planting photo - your vegetable garden looks enormous. I'm betting you could fit 4 or 5 vegetable gardens the size of ours into that area... just how big a plot do you have under cultivation, please?

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  3. I now have an old hoe to go with the seed bag........

  4. Your garden looks great. I bet the beans tasted delish!

  5. The entire garden includes 392 square feet of planting space. Thanks for the comments!


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