Hosta Virus

When I was at Soules Gardens, the owner told me more about the HVX virus infecting hostas. I had come across some information on this recently, so I had at least heard of it. Click here for more information on this virus. They include pictures to help identify hosta plants that are infected. Essentially, there is no cure. If you aren't sure if any of your hosta have the virus, they recommend cleaning your cutting tools thoroughly with bleach as you move from hosta to hosta trimming up old flowers and damaged leaves.

And you should avoid buying a hosta that you think might be infected, or where the staff do not know of the disease. The most common place to find infected hostas is at "big box" garden center departments who buy from wholesale growers who either don't know about the virus or don't care if the plants they are selling are infected.

(The hosta pictured here are in my sister's garden. She and her husband have a lot of shade and love hostas.)


  1. The virus information is very interesting. I did not know of it, and I don’t know how prevalent it is in my neck of the woods. I will keep an eye out for it. The comment on wholesale nurseries selling it “who either don't know about the virus or don't care if the plants they are selling are infected” has gotten me to thinking. Thanks for the info.

  2. Thanks, Carol. This is great information to have! I am embarrased to admit that I bought some hostas someplace where they've probably never heard of this virum. Now I need to run out and check them!


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