More Ears!

Circle August 5th on your calendars. That's the day I expect to start harvesting some sweet corn.

I had previously reported that my sweet corn was all tasseling, but only one plant had produced an ear. I am pleased to report that I am seeing many more ears, and I hope that... keep your figures crossed... the timing was right for all to be pollinated properly.

The variety is Mirai and it was described so well by Park Seed that I just had to try it. Plus, I had just re-read an article in the magazine Kitchen Gardener April/May 1999 edition on how to grow corn in a small space. And it was February and I was dreaming of how wonderful my vegetable garden would be...

So, how could I go wrong? We'll see in just a little over a week if I went wrong or right.

I'm also looking forward to tomatoes, and hope that by August 5th I'll be inundated with all kinds of tomatoes all ripening at the same time. Such a good problem to have, having to figure out what to do with all the tomatoes.

This is a picture of the one cherry tomato variety I am growing called Sugary. I grew this variety for the first time last year and can attest to how good and sweet they are. Practically like candy! They are on my list of "must have" vegetables that I will always include in my garden. I simply will not have a garden without them!

They are just starting to turn red, and before I know it, probably by August 5th, I'll have baskets full of these to eat and share with others!

By the way, a colleague at work grew a lot of tomatoes and peppers last year, and this year he decided he wouldn't have a garden. As I start to bring in fresh cucumers, and soon tomatoes, in my lunch, he is beginning to regret his lack of a garden. Folks, don't let this be you! There should always be room for a few vegetables in your gardens, no matter what. You just can't believe how good fresh produce tastes when you've grown it yourself, and can harvest and eat it in practically one motion. I don't use pesticides in the garden, so I am quite at ease picking a cherry tomato, wiping it off and popping it in my mouth. Right there in the garden. Yum! There is nothing fresher.


  1. I know it will be hard to wait for those tassels to turn brown. That will be the sweetest corn ever. Now how long do you cook yours? There was an article in our paper and times varied from 2-15 minutes. I go for the 2 minute time myself, that is what mom always did so that is what I do.
    I am sure you will soon have plenty of vegetables for all you coworkers and family. I have been wondering what you do with all you garden goodies. Wish I was close enough to have a sample.

  2. I love eating the tomatoes right in the garden too. My grandmother used to keep a salt shaker on an outdoor shelf by the veg garden just for that purpose. I always found that quite charming.


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