Mystery Package

I received this mystery package in the mail today. Oh, what can it be?

How about two new hoes from Rogue Hoe? Yes, that's what it could be, and that's what it is.

I've gotten other hoes in the mail, but they generally came in boxes. This is the first time the hoes have come all wrapped up in plastic wrap, with just some cardboard around the hoe heads, which are pretty sharp. I wonder what the mailman thought of this package?

In th next few days, I'll try these new hoes out and see how they work. Already I think they will be wonderful for weeding because of the sharp blades. (Yes, I have a lot of hoes, I know. There seems to be no end to them. I'm going to start looking for antique hoes, maybe branch out into rakes, who knows? I just like gardening tools.)

The other event in today's garden, following right on the heels of my first ripe tomato, is the first tomato hornworm. That's right, a tomato hornworm. The damage so far is minimal, and I could not find more than the one hornworm, though I know there are probably more out there. I'll have to keep checking.

I know some people might not want to see a hornworm, so I didn't take a picture and slap it on this posting, but if you are curious, click here. I advocate the handpicking method to get rid of them. Once you pick them off, you have to kill them, and that can be a bit squishy. You can use something sharp, like a new sharp hoe, to help with that job. (If you are squeamish about bugs and big fat caterpillars, forget you read that last sentence).

That's today's update. Happy Gardening, all.


  1. Too funny! Can't wait to see what these look like!

  2. Oh no...the dreaded hornworms!!! Well, now I know why my "deck" tomato plant that's had tomatoes for several weeks now looks like it's shot. Every potted tomato I've ever had at my house dies of "hornworm" in mid to late July! That's the kind of stuff that keeps me from getting too excited about gardening....

  3. :( I LOVE Sphinx moths! They are such a treat to experience in the garden at dusk - like night hummingbirds. Just beautiful and enchanting. I didn't know that their offspring ate tomatoes.


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